How we do it?

A course is a structured educational program designed to teach specific knowledge, skills, or competencies within a defined subject area. Courses are offered by educational institutions, training centers, online platforms, or organizations to facilitate learning and personal development.

Here are the key components and aspects typically associated with a course:

  • Course Content
  • Learning Objectives
  • Duration and Format
  • Instructional Methods
  • Assessments and Evaluations
  • Certification

It's important to note that the structure and characteristics of courses can vary depending on the educational context, institution, or specific requirements. Different courses cater to diverse learner needs, ranging from academic programs in schools and universities to professional development courses, vocational training, or personal interest courses.

Overall, a course is a structured educational offering that aims to provide learners with specific knowledge, skills, or competencies within a defined subject area, enabling them to achieve desired learning outcomes and enhance their personal or professional growth.



We have taught our programs across Canada's thirteen provinces.


MacRae Training has certified over 6000 plus students in fall protection, mobile equipment and our other various programs.


Over the years we have been fortunate to train at some of the most prestigious campsites around Canada.

years in the field

Over the years our Founder and CEO Robert Andrew MacRae has over thirty one years of experience teaching, paired with MacRae Training's twenty-six years of operation, we are highly skilled in our field.