Employment Preparation

Program Description

The Employment Preparation Program is designed to deliver students 4 safety certificates in one-week of training. The 4 certificates include:

This week of training allows trainees to obtain credentials and tools necessary for high-paying careers. This program is offered on-site and also available at our training site.

Forklift Training Program (SCB Class 4/5)

The Forklift Training Program is a two day program.

This program is for trainees with little or no operational experience, who would like to obtain the minimum required level of knowledge and skill needed to safely operate a forklift. The program addresses the theory and practical operation of engine powered, sit-down counterbalanced forklifts only.

NOTE: This program is not specific to any job, working conditions, or equipment outside of those found at the training site. Additional specific training and evaluation is required at the work site.

This program is offered at our training site.